The Pro

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Chris Beyer with Kristen Randol of FORD LA

What the BRITT??!!

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Photographer | Benjamin Kwan
Model | Britt Schafer for Next Canada
Stylist | Wendy Cook
MUA | Meagan Davidson
Hair | Michelle Webb
Full story here:

making me look bad…

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Missy makes me look ugly.


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catherine mcneil

Attack of the model

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Photographer: John Hildebrand
Assistant: Kyle Sparks
Model: Rachel Sterling

Face off!

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Photographer: Gregory Miller
Assistant: Jason
Talent: Kaylinn


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montauk ny

W Jewelry

New Shooting

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Raymond & Jessiann

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Fashion edito

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Photographer: Ciprian Strugariu (


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I realize that I should’ve gotten the GretagMacbeth, but this chart seems to be working just fine.


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milk studios, nyc

Very cold :)

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Photographer: Ciprian Strugariu (

Models: Nicoleta Alexandrescu and Fulguta Borcila

Styling: Ailin Ibraim

Assistant: Vlad Sover

During a fashion editorial

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Photographer: Ciprian Strugariu


Slapped by Magdelena

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Milk Studios, nyc


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Photographer: Jeff Zoet

Model: Lori D


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milk studios, nyc

The big umbrella

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Make-up: Simina Bradeanu
Style: Ana Andrei
Assistant: Alex Popp
Video: Adi Ursu
Photographer: Ciprian Strugariu (


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light test Morocco style

Meter Reading

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Location: Norwalk, CT
Photographer: Charles Silverman
Models: Melissa King & Bernadett


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paris, fr


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Lesley having fun

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Monterrey, Mexico

Playing Around

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by Nick Franken
Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.

Having fun while making test photo’s.


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Rick and Taylor

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Photographer: Kerry Garrison
Location: Joshua Tree California
Lighting Assistant: Rick Miller

Mobile Glamour

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Photographer: Einar Breen
Model: Claudia Romani
Assistant: Noeme Amaral

Test for a glamourous gadget shoot


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Paris, Fr

Please Feed the Models

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New York, NY
Catalog Shoot for Webzine
Photographer; Brandon Sapp
Model: Rebecca
“Having fun during light testing.”

I dont have this boobs

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i hate this

BTS – Hooters

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Creative Director getting in the shot ! by

Light Test08-05-27_011

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Milk Studios, nyc


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Fashion Shoot
Photographer: Liz Von Hoene
Digital Tech: Chris Rupert

In Flight

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It’s for real :)

Model: Cristi Ursu
Photographer: Ciprian Strugariu (

Pretending to be a model

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São Paulo, Brazil




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Salami assistant

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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil




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location: Brooklyn NYC
Photographer: Alexis Prappas –
In the shot: Melissa (wife and producer)

Talent !

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Samantha Rapp & Raymond McLaren


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Winnipeg, MB
For Nygard Fashion
Photographer: Ian McCausland
Assistant: David Lipnowski

Six Hours Later

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TYE Studios
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Photog: Andre Rowe
Model: Aspen Lea
Elan Fall/Winter Catalog Shoot – Resort Wear.

Over 8 hours of continuous mannequin posing can get boring after awhile. You have do keep your spirits up somehow….when the client isn’t watching :)


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Billy Zegal… Always double checking his color Blah-ance!

little man wears ladies coat

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Toronto, On
Photog: Robert Poulton
Ass: Justin Christie

Sheridan represent!


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JCP Studios, Plano TX
Photographer: James Bueti
Assistant: Erin Faison

Truth in Advertising

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Sexy Hair Advertising
Photographer – Giuliano Bekor
Assistant – Anthony Altamore

She looks impressed!

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Winnipeg, MB
For Nygard Fashion
Photographer: Ian McCausland
Assistant: David Lipnowski

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