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Donkey on set.


Para 3.30

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Photographer: Gustavo Arrais
Art Director: Eder Redder

Very old light test

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Michael Fredericks Ghent NY with Spectra meter.


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Circus light test

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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil



Apple box

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JCP Studios, Plano TX
Photographer: James Bueti
Assistant: Joe Lacerte

road warrior

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pahrump nevada


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double light test

milk studios, nyc

Drop the dead donkey

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Photographer: Daniel Boud

Assistant: Craig Nye (pictured)

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Client: Time Out Sydney

This was a light test for a portrait with the director of the MCA, Elizabeth Ann MacGregor.

See the final result.

Bo and Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh
Fort Lauderdale FL
For RadioActiveMedia
Photographer: Brad Trent
Assistant: Bo Rosero

BTS – Denver Mag – Chris

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light test Morocco style

Sunday Morning

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S2 Studios: Sydney

Photographer: Simon Lekias

Digi: Oscar

Stanley Rowin PolaTest 25 years later

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Polaroid 20×24 Photographer:John Reuter.

Subject: Stanley Rowin 25 years later


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Lettice studios, London, Photographer: Paul Rider, Assistant: Richard Baybutt, Subject Gordon Ramsay, 2007.

Kaz and Jon Bon Jovi

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Jon Bon Jovi
At home in Navesink NJ
For USAWeekend
Photographer: Brad Trent
Assistant: Kaz Sakuma

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